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Blink 182: Never Miss a Beat, The Early Days Revisited

Blink 182: Never Miss a Beat, The Early Days Revisited their finest
Бренд: Silver and Gold

Six years after their indefinite hiatus was announced, Blink 182 are back together working in the studio - and promising an imminent album release - plus touring regularly again and delighting fans at every new gig. And with drummer Travis Barker back in full health following the plane crash that almost ended his life, the smart money is on Blink's new material being the finest of their career to date, all ready to unleash on the music loving community any time soon.This DVD goes back and documents the group's heyday, prior to their lengthy break, as it tells the visual story of their extraordinary career from their very earliest days together until their 2005 decision to work apart. Featuring archive film of the group in interview and in performance, rare and previously unseen footage, contributions from those who were closest to them during this period plus news reports, seldom seen photographs, DVD Extras plus a host of other features. Certain to delight every Blink 182 fan old and new, this film is the finest documentary on this extraordinary group yet to emerge.

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Виски/виски Ballantines FINEST WHISKY

Виски/виски Ballantines  FINEST WHISKY their finest
Бренд: Ballantines/Ballantine-pure

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Nightwish Nightwish. Oceanborn

Nightwish Nightwish. Oceanborn their finest
Бренд: Spin-Farm OY,ООО "Юниверсал Мьюзик"

The Breakthrough album for the Finnish outfit, and a firm favourite amongst fans - some of whom cite it as their finest ever release. Featuring major hit singles in "Sleeping Sun" & "Walking in the Air" (a majestic covet of the finned Howard Blake composition), "Oceanborn" saw Nightwish turning up their musical ambition... and the power along with it! A challenging record to create. It pushed the individual musicians to the very edge of their abilities, and sounds all the more exciting for it. "Oceanborn" (1998): a symphonic metal masterclass that effectively defined a genre.

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Merci Finest Selection конфеты ассорти, 400 г

Merci Finest Selection конфеты ассорти, 400 г their finest
Бренд: Merci

Конфеты Merci "Finest Selection" - это великолепное ассорти из уникальной коллекции изысканного шоколада, для производства которого используются ингредиенты высокого качества.Набор представляет восемь изысканных видов шоколадных конфет: молочный шоколад, кофе и сливки, лесной орех и миндаль, ореховый крем, марципан, темный шоколад, темный мусс, кремовая начинка пралине. Как еще выразить благодарность от всего сердца близкому вам человеку?Уважаемые клиенты! Обращаем ваше внимание, что полный перечень состава продукта представлен на дополнительном изображении.

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